Monday, April 24, 2006

Earth Day Every Day

In case you missed it, Saturday was Earth Day. We spent a few hours at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. The original intent was to help at the beach cleanup, but a late start and Young Man's froggy voice in the morning nixed that plan. We did have a great time perusing the conservation displays and, of course, visiting the fishes. Young Man again proved that he was a good sport by not correcting the gentleman who was "helping" to explain the tide pools to the boy who was obviously not being watched by any parents. Mr. Engineer and I were both chuckling because we figured that Young Man could probably explain more to the adult than the other way around. We love this aquarium! It is small enough for a quick trip, but there is enough there (and enough fabulous docents) to keep even Young Man happy.

Supposedly, the Governor came to the aquarium later that afternoon. We left before he arrived, but not before Mr. Engineer caught the attention of the security detail. Something about a tall guy looking with great interest at water intakes made the security guys really nervous. Haven't they ever dealt with an engineer before? In other news, Young Man's teacher told us last week that she really thinks that he will be an engineer. You think?

After a picnic lunch, we headed home where I dug up our garden. Mr. Engineer didn't think that I was serious. Boy, was he wrong. Sunday the whole family got into the act with a trip to a local arboretum for their annual big garden show. We came home with lots of gorgeous veggie plants that are now safely nestled into the garden waiting for sun and water so that they can grow their goodies for us. It wasn't a big knitting weekend, but today I received both of Janet Szabo's books. They are fabulous!!!!

Now for some in-progress shots:

My Sixth Sense socks have at least six errors (some deliberate to end up with a matching pair), but they are working out well.

Aran Peach is progressing slowly. Very slowly.

Finally, some better photos of Durrow. I can't think of a better way to remember Earth Day than with a great kid like this.


Rebecca said...

Ha! Ha! My daughter, the chemical engineer, was just like your son when she was little! What a little cutie he is and, I might add, the sweater is simply fabulous!

FemiKnitMafia said...

My lord, that is amazing stitch definition. Well done!

Katie said...

Lol! Your Sixth Sense Socks have turned out awesome. Love the colors!

And Durrow...Very, very good job! It looks fab! =)

jodi said...

Beautiful job on Durrow. I love how the cables look with the cotton's dye beginning to fade.