Monday, October 17, 2005

Silly L.A. Moment

So last night we were watching Desperate Housewives (shut up, you were, too) and there was Teri Hatcher running through a park searching for Zach. It was the same park where Knit in the City was held on Saturday! I don't usually get all goofy over stuff like this. Okay, so I do chuckle every time I see Harrison Ford running through the "Bogota Airport" in Clear and Present Danger, knowing full well that it is really John Wayne Airport. Even after 20 years in Southern California, I still find it amusing to see places I know on screen.

Oh, and one last Knit in the City comment to the organizers: If you are going to post directions on your website, please make sure that they are correct. There is NO Colorado Blvd exit from the 210 West. Nope, none. Luckily, I checked my trusty Thomas Guide before leaving and I got a heads up phone call from Zona.

Okay, return to your regularly scheduled day.

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