Wednesday, October 12, 2005

In Which We Ponder

The question of the day is, "What is worse than frogging Kidsilk when in the midst of a project?" Meditate on this while we continue.

It has been a quiet week at the home of the engineers. Young Man has just finished his first book of the school year (Nancy Drew and The Hidden Staircase) and came home with a 100% on his most recent spelling test. He is having a fabulous time at school and is loving having neighborhood friends waiting for him to play when he arrives home.

I managed to make it to the weekly All Things String gathering at a local Starbucks this evening. It was great to be back with the gang after several weeks (okay, closer to two months) of missed opportunities. Clapotis got to mingle with friends. I think I might be ready to start the decreases, but maybe I need just one more straight repeat.... The parrot socks are looking better. They are still wild, but they seem less hideous than before.

One fit of temporary insanity did overtake me on Tuesday when I dove headlong into Tess of the d'Urbervilles even though I recognize that there is absolutely no way that it will be finished by noon on Wednesday for book club.

I strongly suspect that hiding from the present via a literary journey into the past was a direct result of learning the answer to today's question. Of course, the answer is that what is worse than frogging Kidsilk in the middle of a project is frogging Kidsilk after it has been soaked for blocking. On Sunday, I launched into blocking Kiri and it all was going well until I realized that my "fairly loose" cast off was nothing of the sort. Not only was I not going to see any points on the edge, I wasn't even going to see an edge. The tight border simply could not stretch enough to be pinned flat. Kiri was given a short time out and then I tinked the cast off, cut off the yarn used for the cast off, and gave it another go. The edge now looks like it may even produce points! Tomorrow night will be the second soaking and pinning after which all will be revealed.

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