Saturday, October 15, 2005

Knit in the City

Home again after an exhausting afternoon. We sat, we knit, we conquered. Well, we did sit and knit. I was a bad, bad blogger. I didn't take a single picture. Not one. I didn't even take a picture of the way-out knitting going on with 8 foot dpns. Really! Not only did I not take a picture of the All Things String gang, I didn't take a picture of Wendy from Knit and Tonic. I also didn't go over and introduce myself because that just seemed so lame. So instead of looking lame, I looked like a stalker. Wendy, if you read this, that redhead in the green t-shirt who kept looking at your group when she wasn't knitting wildly on her wild, parrot sock is not a stalker. Nuts, maybe, but not a stalker. My reluctance was pretty crazy when you consider that knitters are, on average, really, really nice. I do a lot of different arts and crafts and I've known some downright nasty, snobbish stitchers (you know who you are). Very little of that shows up during knitting gatherings. It is refreshing. Maybe I'll get up my nerve some other time.

As for the event, well, it wasn't quite what I expected. It was small and the vendors were not allowed to sell yarn. You read that right, no yarn was sold! Ack! A few enterprising booths had kits for sale and there were books, but we could only look and drool at the yarn. It was torture!

I felt so sorry for the crepe cart. They must not have known what they were getting into when they signed up. Here was a park full of knitters deprived of yarn shopping and there was only one food vendor with whom to console ourselves. The poor creperie was mobbed. They did have Nutella so all was made better. Seriously, if you are in Pasadena after 26 October, you really should stop in at The Crepe Vine Bistro and Wine Bar. These folks made great crepes and they hung in there in the sun with the long lines of desperate knitters.

So, I have no pictures from Pasadena, but I will close today's post with Kiri, pinned out in all her glory.

Do you see them? Points! I have points!

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Wendy said...

You crack me up. Nope, didn't notice any stalkers! I was hungry the whole time and luckily I brought some crackers. I saw some people with sandwiches. Now that I've read your post, I bet they brought them, too.

You should have walked on over. I had just met the gals I was with and everyone was so nice. I know what you mean about some snobby types. I won't name names, but there were some sitting right in front of us!