Monday, October 03, 2005

Because I Have No Shame

Okay, I freely admit that I am a sucker for contests. I also have become a sock knitter. Who knew? Quiddity has a sock picture contest. Here are mine. Admittedly, my collection does not even begin to rival hers. One must remember that I have only been knitting since January and my first pair of socks were produced in April of this year. I did pad the total a bit as not all of these are for my feet, but these are all of the socks that I have ever knit. The two pair on the left belong to Young Man. The solid color green pair in the middle is destined for my sister.

I also give you 18 birthday ghost brownies. Why ghosts? You would have to ask Young Man. If you do figure out why he wanted ghost brownies for his birthday treat at school, you should win some award. The intricacies of the nearly eight-year-old mind are beyond my intellect. Come back later for a picture of the ghosts in their "sheets."


margene said...

Yummy ghosts!! Love the sock'll add to it, right?

justcinful said...

Wow! You certainly have been busy on the knitting front. I have only been knitting since late spring and I have nowhere near the amount of projects to show for it. I am so envious! :o) My poor little tootsies have been settling for store bought. Lol.

The ghosts? For a happy boo-thday? :o)