Tuesday, July 01, 2008

10 on Tuesday - Sports to Play/Watch

Admittedly, I'm a watcher, not a player.

1. Lacrosse - Four years ago, I barely knew what this sport was and now it is my favorite sport to watch. It is a wild game and there are few breaks.

2. Baseball - My big brother indoctrinated me into the ways of the baseball fan and taught me well about the addiction that is being a Twins fan. I will always be a Twins fan, but I will root for the home team whoever it is.

3. Soccer - Not on TV, but kid soccer is fun. Not precise, mind you, but fun.

4. Football - It's just not the same on TV as it is in the student section with a nice, north wind blowing snow into your face, but it's still a fun game.

5. Swimming - Well, every four years, I enjoy it.

6. Gymnastics - Again, every four years is enough for me.

7. Hockey - This is another sport that I don't enjoy watching on TV. It is only fun when your feet are cold and there is a very real possibility of a puck flying over the barrier at you.

8. Track & Field - Yep, another Olympics sport I enjoy. I even enjoyed the trials in Oregon this weekend.

9. Luge - Those athletes are just nuts!

10. Basketball - Yet again, I prefer it live. I have fond memories of college basketball games where NCAA rules were passed because of our pep band. Ah, the Home of the Bison was a great place for sports!

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