Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yes, We Are Faulty

Not only am I two days behind on my Blog 365 obsession, now we are getting shaken! We had a splendid time rolling along. Mr. Engineer and Young Man didn't feel it at all, but I definitely felt the 5.4 quake. My building is wonderfully engineered and is built on rollers. This means that the building moves with the movement of the earth. It also means that we feel lots of little jolts and nudges. There was no damage to our buildings, but lots of crud fell down onto desks and the customers we had visiting were quite surprised. We tried to tell them that we had ordered the entertainment especially for them, but they didn't believe us.

So, all is well. Work is crazy. Young Man and I are getting really excited about going on a lacrosse trip. More later!

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