Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

2007 has started out well. It's certainly much too soon to determine how the rest of the year will go, but the first day was good. Young Man had a fabulous idea and we followed up on it for an afternoon at the tide pools.

We saw loads of wildlife. There were some fabulous pink nudibranchs that amazed us all.
There were also many sea hares. They aren't the prettiest creatures, but they are fun to watch.

Young Man had a wonderful time and his parents are very glad that they listened to his idea.
There was even time for knitting. I've been focussed on FLAK and she is thriving with just a little attention. Both sleeves are finished and the body is nearly half done. The homestretch has been reached!


FemiKnitMafia said...

Oh the joy of a warm climate. I adore the beach, but it's just too cold in MA this time of year. Although ... with the right number layers ...

Jane said...

What a wonderful thing to do the first day of the year.

wendy said...

I spent my New Year on the South Coast of Cornwall - much colder and wetter than your coast line and the only wildlife we saw were seagulls!
Your pictures are fantastic