Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Texting on Tuesday
...must take break from fun fur....

Add me to the list of knitters who do not find Fun Fur any fun. It is for a good cause and it is emptying my stash. If I keep repeating that, I will work through the balls of it. So far, I have one sapphire blue hat and half of a hot pink hat. I completed a copper hat, but gave it to a friend who is going through chemo herself. She doesn't think she can wear it, but I assured her that its real purpose was to give her a laugh.

In between the eyelash, I've been finishing up some reading. Moll Flanders is off the nightstand. She was an interesting read. I do recommend it, but it wasn't an easy go. This is one of the first examples of the "modern" novel and the concept of chapters hadn't been considered. The entire book is split into two volumes with no chapter divisions so it really does seem to go one forever. Defoe did an admirable job of portraying the challenges posed to women in the early 1700s. Women without means were left with few options. Moll made the most of what she had. Whether she truly repented for her actions at the end is left to the readers' speculation.

If you noticed, FLAK is finished! I have even worn her twice and she fits perfectly! She is also beautifully suited for wearing during chilly lacrosse games. The photo shoot is still in planning.

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FemiKnitMafia said...

Oh, I can't wait to see the FLAK! Get thee to the camera.