Friday, December 29, 2006

Oh, My!

If a hypothetical knitter were to have a stash problem (not that we know anyone with this) would it possibly be a symptom of that problem if that knitter were to find that the nice, new 32-quart plastic container purchased for stash organization did not hold all of the sock yarn for which it was intended? Would it be significant if yarn for 11 pairs of socks needed to be removed to enable the lid of the container to close?

This would all be a nice, hypothetical discussion except for one problem. As the knitter (oh, you know it was me) was working away organizing her stash and putting it into nice, sealed bags (Don't you love the 2-gallon zippered plastic bags? You can store all the yarn for an entire sweater and the pattern in one, handy location!), she was discovered! Mr. Engineer had to work this week (ahhhhhh), but he had announced that he was getting off early and would pick up Young Man from a play day. Working on the assumption that the two gentlemen would be home around 3:30, I was working to a 3:00 deadline. They came through the door at 2:45. There I was, surrounded by ALL of my stash!!! It was dreadful!

After much apologizing and hanging of my head, Mr. Engineer demonstrated one of the many reasons why I love him. He told me to stop beating myself up and he wasn't going to join in and Young Man was not to give me a hard time either. He realizes that many beautiful things come out of my stash and they make many people happy. He also knows that even my yarn habit is cheaper than therapy.

Still, it was a sobering moment to see my stash in all its glory. There were the early missteps and the luscious fibers for which I (im)patiently waited for sales. There were memories of trips taken and gifts planned. In all it was a reminder that I have much and should work with what I have for a time. So, I have resolved to take up the challenge offered by Wendy. I intend to knit from my stash (mostly) through October 2007.

No, I don't think my using stash will result in any LYS going out of business, but I know of three that may see a bit of a dip in their profits for a few months. I'm just really glad that sock yarn doesn't count for the challenge! Wish me luck.

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Jane said...

I've had it in my mind for several months that I should start off the new year by knitting through some of my stash. Seeing so many bloggers getting on the bandwagon is giving me the courage to try. I just have to resist the urge to go to the LYS whenever it crops up! Good luck to you.