Saturday, March 03, 2007

Saturdays & Stash

It has been so long since I managed to post a Saturday Sky photo on Saturday that I almost forgot about it! Our Saturdays have been filled with lacrosse games so today was a refreshing change. The season officially ended last weekend, but we have a festival tomorrow. Good thing the gear hasn't been stashed away. My day started with some pampering by my favorite stylist. The red is back in my hair and the curls are free from the over-long locks. The best part about a morning at the hair salon is all that time for knitting! I made it all the way down the leg on the first of a new pair of Trekking socks. I finally got my hands on a skein of the 100 colorway. It is bright! Perfect for Spring. The rest of the day was spent on more mundane things such has cleaning in the craft room (I found the sofa!) and grocery shopping.

So, how is everyone doing on their Knit from Stash resolution? I did break down in January and buy some additional balls of Fun Fur to finish the kids chemo caps, but I don't think that counts. Most of that was to finish already started hats and all the rest has been knit and posted to Boston long ago. Otherwise, I have remained strong. All I have purchased in these first two months have been needles and magazines. Okay, one book, but NO yarn.


Jane said...

Beautiful photo - it looks like an Impressionist painting.

Eyja said...

Well, I didn't make a Knit from stash resolution. However, it's been a rule of mine for a while that two out of three things I knit must be knit from stash. My main problem is figuring out how much time needs to pass from the moment I buy the yarn until it becomes officially part of my stash.

FemiKnitMafia said...

I fell off the wagon in January, but only for a moment. Just bought new needles to replace my bent Addis. But that's all. So far, so good.