Thursday, March 08, 2007

Booking Through Thursday
  1. Do you lend your books to other people? If so, any restrictions? I lend a few. Generally, I only lend books when their failure to return would not upset me. I try to just give the book away and trust that it will continue on to others. If I really want the book back, I am very careful about who gets them and I make it clear that I expect them back. It is difficult to part with books, but I am getting better at setting them free for others to enjoy.

  2. Do you borrow books from other people? (Friends or family—I'm not talking about the public library)? I rarely borrow from others. I do have some co-workers and a friend with similar feelings about books so we share. I am far more likely to just buy books in which I am interested rather than borrow them.

  3. And, most importantly—do the books you lend/borrow get returned to their rightful owners? I always return the books I borrow. Sometimes it takes me a while. If it seems to be taking me too long, I will just return the book before reading it. I almost always receive the books I lend, provided that I made it clear that I wanted it back. Recently, I had one that did not come back because it was a thick paperback and the borrower was so embarassed about its condition when she finished that she just paid me for the book!


teabird17 said...

Thanks for visiting TeaReads! Now, if you don't want to lend a book, Mooch it for them!

Kirstin said...

1. Yes. My best friend is reading all of my last year's textbooks; she's preparing for the priesthood in a place that doesn't ordain women.

2. Yes, but not so much. I'm not very good at returning them.

3. See (2). I left a book in Berkeley that I'd promised would make it to Lodi this weekend. Its owner is moving to Carmel in two months, and I don't know if I can come out here in April.