Thursday, March 29, 2007

Booking Through Thursday and Then Some

Where do you do most of your reading? Your favorite spot? (Show a picture, if you want to!)
(And yes, I understand that these might not be the same thing--your favorite spot could be the beach, but you do most of your reading at home . . . in which case, tell me about both!)

Here is mine and it is both my favorite spot and the place where I do most of my reading. If it looks unlike someplace I might choose, there is an explanation. This is Young Man's lair (complete with favorite quilt and Harry Potter poster). This is where we snuggle up every night for reading before bedtime. The quilt is an I Spy quilt that I made several years ago.

Oh, and this is the big news of the week.


Jeanne said...

Well, congratulations! on both of your accomplishments! I love reading to (and with, now), my daughters.

FemiKnitMafia said...

OMG, you captured the 100K mark on film! I'm so jealous. Wifey (when she was merely my girlfriend) borrowed my all-time favorite car and watched it roll over. I still haven't forgiven her, despite not having a clue what her options could have been. SO exciting!