Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Time, Never Enough

This week's Booking through Thursday reminded me of all the things for which I never seem to have the time. Reading hasn't been completely replaced by knitting, but my reading over the past decade has certainly changed. I am far more likely to pick up a book to screen for Young Man than to pick up a book just for fun. I will say that the young adult fiction of recent years has been quite good. Cornelia Funke is one of my favorites and I have started her Inkspell. It has been shelved while I read a borrowed copy of Life of Pi.

Knitting continues and I have a new pair of socks for tomorrow!

Project: Dalarna from Knitting on the Road, by Nancy Bush
Yarn: Regia Cotton (41% wool, 34% cotton, 25% Polyamide)
Needles: US1 dpns
Notes: This is yet another gem from Nancy. I had my doubts about this one. The cuff seemed fiddly and the pattern too subtle. Again, I was wrong and Nancy was right. The finished cuff is worth the effort and the pattern is just enough to keep the stockinette from driving you bats. The yarn is a bit darker blue than the photo suggests. The end result is sort of a denim effect that will look fabulous with jeans.

Booking Through Thursday

  1. How many books would you say you read in an average month?
  2. Not nearly as many as I would like! I probably finish 1-2 novels per month and at least one young adult book. It takes me several months to finish the large non-fiction tomes that I choose.

  3. In a year? Maybe 25-30 all together.

  4. Over the last five years? With an average of 30, that would make a paltry 150 books over the last 5 years.

  5. The last 10? I would hazard that I probably only read 200 books over the last 10 years. I used to read far more, but I have spent the last 10 years with a slightly more demanding past time. The good news is that all that effort has paid off and Young Man is growing up nicely!


Julia said...

WOW 150 books in 5 years? You beat me LOL

Happy Booking on Thursday...hope it was great one!

Here is Mine!

Marianne Arkins said...

I'm very fortunate to have a DD who loves reading as much as I do. We frequently sit in the same room, reading quietly. It's wonderful.

Mine's up, too!

meeyauw said...

Thank you for reminding me to read Life of Pi. I keep hearing about it! Another item for the TBR list (perhaps these lists are out of control! LOL)

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I wouldn't call 150 books "paltry" by any means! That's great :)

Enjoyed reading your answers... hope you have a wonderful day!