Sunday, December 04, 2005

Lost In Yarn...

Too much knitting here for posting. Since most of the gifts from Chez Engineer must travel many miles after they are entrusted to the folks with the Big Brown Trucks, holiday deadlines come early. This year, the knitting bug has resulted in a wild furry of flying needles and yarn bits. Let me esplain - no, there is too much - let me sum up.... (with apologies to S. Morgenstern and Mandy Patinkin)
  1. Parrot Socks for neighbor - done
  2. Skinny Scarf for co-worker - done
  3. Amble Socks for sister - done
  4. Kiri Shawl for fabulous 3rd Grade Teacher - done
  5. Aran Sandal Socks for Mom - done (they are wonderful, pictures soon, I promise)
  6. Multidirectional Scarf for sister - 75-80% done (need remaining yarn from project 7 to finish)
  7. Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers for sister (or niece, we'll see) - 60% done
  8. Live Dangerously No-Swatch Hat for ??? (maybe SIL) - 75% done (with Patron's 100% wool purchased at Michael's - I was so shocked to see it there that I had to buy it)
  9. Fuzzy Feet slippers for Mom - have yarn, haven't cast on
  10. Surprise gift for secret gift exchange - have yarn half wound; haven't cast on
  11. Frou-frou scarf for co-worker - have yarn; haven't cast on

So, it's a race down to the wire (as usual). Of course, in the middle of all that I also finished the baby quilt and first pair of Fuzzy Feet slippers. The armwarmers are going really quickly. I knit the first one today and am cruising on the second. I want the remaining yarn (Noro Kureyon, Color 40) to make the Multidirectional Scarf longer. I like long scarves and I think my sister does as well. It gets cold up in Northern Minnesota (it was -6°F when I spoke with her last night, brrrrrrr). These two projects started out as stashbusters since I had leftover from a felted bag made in the spring. Of course, I needed more to do the armwarmers, and you know what happened then...

I'm pretty happy with the projects that are coming off my needles. It amazes me to see how much improved my knitting has become over this one year. I already have several challenges lined up for 2006. This was aided by two bag sales at local yarn shops. Eeek! I don't think I'll post photos of the damage done to the yarn budget. Let's just say that I really shouldn't buy more yarn for a good long time. Shall we take bets on how long I will hold out?

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Jane said...

Good for you with all that Christmas knitting! I kept mine to the bare minimum this year, but by next year I may have a long list like you. Good luck in getting it done!