Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Christmas Recap

Well, did we all make it? Are we happy about it? First, the recap and the scoring:
  1. Parrot Socks for neighbor - done
  2. Skinny Scarf for co-worker - done
  3. Amble Socks for sister - done
  4. Kiri Shawl for fabulous 3rd Grade Teacher - done
  5. Aran Sandal Socks for Mom - done
  6. Multidirectional Scarf for sister - done
  7. Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers for sister - done
  8. Live Dangerously No-Swatch Hat - done
  9. Fuzzy Feet slippers for Mom - done, but changed to give to neighbor's mother
  10. Surprise gift for secret gift exchange - yarn and needles ready to go
  11. Frou-frou scarf for co-worker - done in 3 hours on Wednesday night (two skeins of Fancy Fur and a drop-stitch pattern)

Not only did the all but one item on the list get finished and delivered on time (thank you, UPS), but I added more to the list:

  1. One felted gift bag thanks to Susan
  2. Seven mini-socks for ornaments
  3. Two Fellowship Brooches made from polymer clay for Young Man's best friend and her brother

Today I started one of the two Knit for the Cure scarves that I plan to donate in January. The first one is a terribly simple one made from Trendsetter Blossom and Fun Fur. I know, but it is cute and very soft. It is also perfect for knitting while getting my hair done. Next will be the surprise and I'm really looking forward to it. The wool and the pattern both are wonderful.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the scarf and armwarmers for my sister and the Aran Sandal socks for my mother. I have asked begged my sister to do her best to take pictures. The Aran socks are beastly difficult to photograph because of the dark blue wool. I do have a few pictures of the most recent efforts.

First off, Fuzzy Feet the Second went very well. This time I used Brown Sheep Co. Lambs Pride (as recommended in the pattern) and the mohair makes them beautifully fuzzy. I made the rolled edge a little longer so I did have to dip into the second skein. Then I used some of the same yarn for the felted gift bag.

Next up are the mini-socks for this year's gift ornaments. I used Brown Sheep Co. Wildfoote in Ragtime. This is the same yarn that I used for my recent mosaic socks. I also plan to use this for Jaywalkers.

Finally, we have a return to one of my other creative endeavors. Years ago, I saw a polymer rendition of the Fellowship Brooch given to the Fellowship of the Ring with their Elvish cloaks. Young Man's best friend's brother is reading Lord of the Rings and his mother is making both children cloaks. This was the perfect opportunity for me to drag out my supplies and have some fun.

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