Friday, November 25, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

Okay, I know that Thanksgiving was yesterday, but I can give thanks on more than one day. Today I give thanks for a family that loves me and friends who don't think that I'm totally crazy (or if they do, they hide it well). It was a quiet day here. We were all set for our tradition of breakfast out followed by an early trip to the mall to see Santa. Then, Young Man announced that he was tired and wanted to go home instead of the mall! We aren't quite sure if any meaning should be inferred from this other than that he is fighting a bit of a cold and really wanted to see some Scooby Doo videos and play with his new Legos. He still seemed quite interested in seeing the Jolly Bearded One when we had discussed this earlier. Dad was relieved because he is sure that he has a nasal infection and he really didn't want to tramp through the mall.

Instead of our traditional making fun of shoppers, we stayed home most of the day. I finished the shocking baby quilt. The addition of a purple border helped a lot.

The afternoon included an errand that took me all the way back to the home of the Thanksgiving Day hosts to retrieve my bag. Said bag held my camera, phone, wallet, and knitting. Eeep! Yes, Mom's Aran Sandal Socks were left alone for the night! To console myself, I started on a Multidirectional Scarf in Noro Kureyon (Color 40). The good news was that the drive down to retrieve the bag put me very close to a yarn shop where I picked up some supplies for a Wonderful Wallaby for Young Man. I did a Homespun sweater for him earlier this year, but it is almost too small and, well, it is Homespun!

In other news, we have achieved Fuzzyfeet! They aren't quite as fuzzy as I had expected. This pair was made using almost exactly one skein of Cascade 220. I may try another yarn for the next pair. Then again, I have a second skein of this yarn so I may just do another pair anyway.

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anmiryam said...

Great feet! That's a wonderful blud. Aren't these a fun and quick project? Let us know how the lamb's pride version works out.