Friday, December 09, 2005

What? Still No Pictures?

I know, I must be saving it all for one gigantic photo free-for-all. The armwarmers and matching scarf are finished. I just want to do a quick wash and block to see if the Noro Kureyon can be coaxed to be slightly less scratchy. The hat is closer to finished (it would have been even closer if I hadn't done almost as much tinking last night as knitting).

Of course, all of this is taking another break while I spend a crazy weekend sewing hats for the school program on Thursday night. The music teacher told me two weeks ago that she needed some mob hats, but didn't say how many or whether she needed anything else. She finally got back to me on Monday that she would like four mob caps and four tricorn hats. Eeeep! I have patterns and materials and can now sew like a madwoman in between everything else that needs to be done (lacrosse scrimmage, Chronicles of Narnia viewing, you know, the usual). Yes, I am fully aware that pulling off the impossible again just encourages her to procrastinate on her costume decisions. I just keep telling myself that it will all be worth it on Thursday when the kids look so darn cute.

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