Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's Lacrosse Season Again!

Today was the first game of the season, and it was a fabulous day. Young Man is now playing for a local middle school. It is still a club team, but now they wear the school colors. They have enough boys in each grade to field two teams so there are going to be many opportunities for lacrosse watching this season.

See this beautiful Saturday Sky? That is Saddleback Mountain in the background. The reason that everything is so bright and clear is that the wind was blowing a bazillion miles an hour and blowing all the crud that is usually in our air out to sea. Okay, I exagerate (a little). The wind was blowing far harder during practice Friday afternoon. Today, the wind just tossed hats and trash. Friday, the wind was able to pick up an entire lacrosse gear bag and toss it through the air. It was most impressive.

Oh, that scene above? No, young man has not grown a foot since last season. The boy in the front is one of his teammates who has just upended the opponent's stick and dropped the ball to the ground. Young Man is that sharp-eyed player in the background who is making a quick about face to pick up that ball. And how can I prove that? Well, I have the photographic evidence, of course.

Young Man's parents are completely biased, of course, but we think he played a very good game today. He was fast, tough, and unflinching in the face of much larger opponents. He had several good breaks and moved the ball back to the players on Attack.

Young Man wasn't the only one playing well. The entire team looked so good! They passed, they moved, they worked together! It is so fun to see the boys mature and learn from their coaches. It was quite impressive. Oh, and the score reflected all that hard work. Young Man's team won, 6-3. It was a great way to begin the season.

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