Saturday, January 31, 2009

Another Fine Saturday for Lessons

Today's Lesson is a doozy. You could say that we learned about physics: What goes up must come down. You could say that we learned about patience. What we really learned was a lesson in consequences. Young Man was ready for today's game after a week of no games. He was so ready that he didn't want to let any plays get by him - even if the ball was many feet over his head! Young Man tried for the ball, but his stick slipped out of his grasp. Well, it didn't slip so much as soar. The end result of this lesson in lacrosse pole aerodynamics was a lesson in penalties for soaring sticks. A thrown stick can be as much as a one-minute penalty. In this case, the referee deemed it an accident and was also glad that the player stayed to catch the pole so that it obviously wasn't thrown at another player. This meant that Young Man only spent 30 seconds taking a knee in the penalty box.

Last week was a washout for lacrosse. The boys would have played because lacrosse goes on, rain or shine. The groundskeepers for the fields had other ideas and all games were cancelled. This week, the sun was shining brightly and the fields were ready for play.

Young Man's team was on the field bright and early for an 8:00 a.m. game. They were on their game today! They came out passing and running plays. It was a joy to behold! Photography was a little challenging because the parents' section faced directly into the sun. The players didn't seem to mind. Lacrosse is always an exciting game, but it is very difficult to describe how much fun it is to watch boys who enjoy themselves so much playing a game they love. Young Man did very well today. Yes, we are biased, but he did have some very good plays.

It is very hard to get by Young Man when he is determined to stop an oncoming player. All of the boys played very well, much to the distress of the opposing team. The final score was 11-0. Yes, it was a shut out, but the day was not over.

After a day of relaxation and catching up on costumes, we headed back to another field for a 5:30 p.m. game under the lights. Again, photography wasn't assisted by the game time, but it was another great game. This team was a much more physical team and they were, again, quite frustrated. Unlike in the first game where the referees were calling nearly all fouls, these referees let some go by. As the frustration level rose, the hits came harder. Young Man's team held up to the rigors of the game. It is hard for the parents to watch games that get physical, but the players know that they have earned their goals. Seven of them, we think, and the team has another win.

Young Man did get a second chance at one of those balls high above his head in the second game. This time, he kept his stick in his hand and he snatched the ball from the air and took possession away from the opposing team. Lesson learned.

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