Thursday, November 22, 2007


Yes, I am. Very. Here are just a few of the thing for which I give thanks in 2007:
  • Mr. Engineer who keeps me sane and keeps me honest. I am thankful for nearly 25 years of couplehood.

  • Young Man who gives us more joy than we ever expected and who is happy and healthy and can shake off even an abrasion to the surface of the eye with only three days of patching (that would be last weekend's adventure). As Barbara Coloroso says, "Kids are Worth It!" and the payoff is immense!

  • My family, far away though they are, their love reaches across the miles.

  • The friends who have become my west coast family and with whom we will share way too much food and some excellent time this afternoon.

  • My virtual friends who are every bit as much my friends as the ones I see in person. I wish for healing for those who are hurting and thank you all for being here when I need you.

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Thank you.