Thursday, November 15, 2007


I should be happy with that number. Really, I should. 43,470 stitches and a bazillion ends all finished in 13 days is quite impressive. It's just that it's not quite 50,000. I know, the knitting police are not allowed here and this is NOT a contest. Still, I wanted to make 50,000.

Project: 8101-3 Raglan Pullover from Dale of Norway in 12 month size Yarn: Baby Ull from Dale of Norway in Lilac (5226) and Cream (0020)
Needles: US 0 and US 1 dpns and 16" circulars

Notes: I knit this as written in the pattern with the exceptions that I hate stitching hems so I caught up the hem when I turned it. This is probably why I am having some problems with the bottom hem and neckband turning. It was worth it. This is my very first Dale of Norway pattern and it was wonderful. This sweater just flew off my needles even with the itty bitty stitches and the color change every five rows. Now I am itching to make another sweater from the booklet. There is an adorable garden cardigan that may have to be knit for next winter. Yes, my grandniece is going to be spoiled rotten.

As for the stitch "problem," I did the only rational thing. I cast on for a Wonderful Wallaby for Young Man. He outgrew the first sweater I ever knit and really wants another hooded sweater. Oh, and I cast on for a Palindrome scarf, but that is Susan's fault.

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