Monday, November 12, 2007

It's a New Day!

First, there is the old day. Yes, it's a Saturday Sky, but posted on Monday. Good thing the sky today looks pretty much like the sky on Saturday. Sunday, on the other hand, was dreary and grey. Today, the winds are coming back and it is warming up.

Saturday was a very fun day. First I got mail from Life's A Stitch CT. This was the second half of my little fabric splurge from a few weeks ago. I found a fun series called Paris Cats from Benartex. Cozy Cottage had some of the fabrics left, but I had to have more! Thank goodness for internet shopping. Aren't these precious? Now I have to manage to actually cut them up and make something. Maybe they will become another BowTucks Bag. Or not. Any suggestions?

Finally, I took myself out Saturday afternoon for some power shopping. I hate shopping. Really, I do. So I went out and in 1 1/2 hours, I got my car washed (so that we could have rain spits on Sunday, of course), scoped out potential holiday wear for the company holiday party, bought new shoes, hit the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale to get tights to go with the new shoes (all DKNY hose 25% off) and Clinique moisterizer, scoped out the pickings at JJill, and picked up a present for the birthday party Young Man had up for Sunday. Whew!

Did I say new shoes? These are new Dansko Marcelles (shown with the Tidal Wave socks in Tofutsies that are growing on me). I just love cute new shoes that fit the minute I put them on.

For some reason, Bloglines keeps saying that I have a new post. I figured I should oblige.

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