Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pointy Things

Ah, vacations. The point of a vacation is to relax, right? I think we are succeeding in this. The feast on Thursday was wonderful. We followed it up with one of our own on Friday (must have leftovers, you know). There was a small amount of shopping on Friday morning, but only a little. Saturday was spent with the parents relaxing, while the boys worked hard.

Yes, lacrosse season is back on. We had a tremendous turnout for what was only a 3rd-6th grade scrimmage. It was fun to reconnect with friends from previous seasons and make new friends with the new families. Young Man worked very hard. He enjoyed it and is ready for regular practices to begin next week.
Saturday was also spent making something pointy. Alison has been a very bad good influence. First watching her and Kay and their quilting efforts got me back to working on long resting projects. Then, she introduced me to Wee Wonderfuls and I just had to make Pointy Kitty. While I won't say that turning this kitty was easy, it wasn't as hard as some patterns I have made. Still, it was refreshing to have the designer warn the stitcher that he/she was in for a bit of work to turn and stuff the small item. Too many patterns blithly state, "turn toy rightside out" without mentioning that it is nearly impossible to do so! My favorite tool for this sort of toy is a wooden stiring stick (thank you, Starbucks).
Today, I am back with the pointy sticks to work on Young Man's Wallaby. This is going very well. I am making a size 10, but with greatly extended arms and body. Young Man is growing up, but not out.

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