Friday, December 01, 2006

Finished is the Happiest Word!

So many projects have come off the needles that I have had trouble keeping up with them. I have finally broken my streak of finished items. Still, the gift bag is looking very good. Here are the latest spread:

Pattern: The project that started the recent furious pace, Felted Clogs by FiberTrends
Yarn: Naturespun worsted (doubled)
Needles: US13 circular
Notes: So cute! A little fiddly, but a very quick knit. Another pair in green is ready for felting. These are for Young Man's cousin. I just hope that I didn't make them too small.

Pattern: Fuzzy Feet from Knitty
Yarn: Lambs Pride worsted
Needles: US 10.5 circular
Notes: Quick and satisfying. These should keep my mother's feet toasty warm this winter.

Pattern: Oven mitt is from KnitPicks, the hot pad is just a rectangle
Yarn: Lambs Pride Worsted (doubled)
Needles: US 13
Notes: I'm still planning on some needle felting on the hotpad. I also need to do some flattening. Felting in a front loading washer is a bit hit-or-miss. Some projects work better than others.

Pattern: Buttonhole Bag from Mason Dixon Knitting

Yarn: Paton's SWS in Natural Earth (doubled) Just over two balls of yarn were needed.
Needles: US 15 circular
Notes: Very fast and easy. I added some rows, but the finished project is still rather small. This one is all Susan's fault, but I'm very glad that she tried it. This yarn felts quite well. It does end up with some bumpies, but that just adds to the charm.

Finally, the long-awaited and now complete Arches and Columns scarf!!!!

Pattern: Arches and Columns Scarf from Crystal Palace Yarns
Yarn: Kid Merino from Crystal Palace (doubled), exactly two balls
Needles: US 7
Notes: A comforting, yet mindless knit. The result is wonderful. After blocking this is 11" by 51" and is light and fluffy. It is a little shorter than I would have liked, but I think it will be a fabulous gift. I started this one ages ago, but set it aside for other projects. When I returned to it, I found that it had a glaring error so I ripped back and then went to work.

Next up, I have returned to sleeve island on my FLAK and have finished the first sleeve. I'm not at all sure that it will be finished in time to ship as a gift, but I am trying. The horns are sprouting again at work and the next two weeks will be a mess. Who will win??? Tune in next time to find out.


Jane said...

What a nice group of knitted things! Your scarf is lovely, but so is everything else, too.

Rebecca said...

Truly amazing! What a knitting machine you have become. Digressing to sweater knitting has put a serious wedge between me and finished projects!