Saturday, November 25, 2006

Where Do We Go?

I had delusional visions of posting each day this month. At some point, it wasn't so much that I ran out of things to say as I ran out of time in the days. Instead of posting, I have been knitting. Oh, how I have been knitting! It all started innocently enough. Shelly, The Heathen Housewife, made some adorable clogs for her daughter. I thought that would make a great gift for Young Man's cousin.

Last Saturday, Suzoo's hosted an arts & crafts sale and that seemed like a good excuse to go pick up a couple of skeins of wool. After chatting with Renata and others, I only picked up a pair of stitch markers from the sale before heading in to fondle yarn. I quickly found the pink and purple shades that I wanted (one was even in the discount rack) and then I spotted someone doing some needle felting. I had resisted this because the needle felted items that I had seen were so cutesy. This person was doing a cow on a hotpad. I'm still a sucker for cows. She was making it for a gift for a family member in Wisconsin. Why, I thought, that would be a great idea for SIL in Minnesota. So, more feltable yarn went into the bag and Knitpicks had an oven mitt pattern link waiting for me in my email box when I returned home.

Since that fateful trip, I have averaged finishing one item a day for a solid week. It's not even noon today and I have my finished item! This is the stash of items that are currently felting away in the washer.

Not too shabby. Of course, instead of hopping from mall to mall on Friday, I did my own version of Black Friday. This is the yarn that followed me home. Hmmmmm.

Oh, well, today is Saturday and we might even get rain on Monday!!!

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