Friday, June 30, 2006

Wait, There's More!

Not only did I finish up some knitting, the recent break from blogging coincided with the end of Young Man's Third Grade School Year. He finished up in grand style with a great report card and a certificate of promotion to fourth grade. His school always puts on a great end of year program. This year they performed "Pinafore Pirates" and Young Man was a British Police Officer. My contribution was a set of 14 sprite hats. This was certainly less ambitious than last year's Dreamcoat, but it was still a challenge given than I had very little time upon my return from Boston. The hats were a success and they transformed the Kindergarten and Junior Kindergarten boys into adorable sprites.

Somehow, I managed to squeeze in one more gift for the best third grade teacher ever. This one transformed a standard clipboard into something special. Given all the hand knits that she received this year, the sheep seemed the only logical choice. She really is a fantastic teacher and we are very glad that we had a year with her!

Now it is onto fourth grade! Well, onto camp and then fourth grade! Today was Scientist Dress-up day. Young Man turned in a grand performance and even borrowed one of my old chemistry textbooks to finish out the part. Ah, Summer!

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