Sunday, January 15, 2006

What is That?

Well, it is on the needles. What could it be? Let's start with what it isn't.

It isn't Whitby even though good progress is being made on these during lacrosse games. Unfortunately, it rained through Saturday's game so knitting was called off (but not the game). The yarn is Lambs Pride Superwash worsted and the needles are US 2 dpns. These would have been perfect to keep my feet warm during Friday's match. I did get them long enough to warm my hands! Dig the sock blockers? My sister made them for me for Christmas. I'm the luckiest little sister ever!

It also isn't Am Kamin. I have technically started on that since I think my swatches are working. Current yarn is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran.

It certainly isn't Jaywalker. I've wanted to make these even before Kathy's pattern came out in MagKnits. These will be the next socks on the needles, but they haven't made it yet. I suppose that this technically doesn't count as a progress update.

There is no way that it could be the SixSoxKnitalong pattern. That one is lined up behind Jaywalker in the sock queue.

No, it isn't FLAK either. I haven't even begun swatching for the Follow the Leader Aran Knitalong. These are top contenders for yarn pre-swatch.

What it really, really isn't is the Surprise project.

(What, did you think I was going to publish a progress pic when I know the recipient reads this?) I must get going on this, but I'm having doubts about how it is turning out.

No, it is none of the items that were on the needles at last update. It is Durrow. I could blame Kay, but that would not be fair. I thought Durrow was fabulous when I first saw it, but I couldn't figure out how to transform it into a sweater for Young Man. Then Kay introduced all of us to her Rowan Denim version that fit her son. To send things completely over the edge, I found a stash of discontinued black Rowan Denim. Now, I am knitting furiously to have this ready for Young Man before the weather warms up. Obsession: It isn't always pretty, but the process is fun.

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