Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Answers and a Welcome

I am finally going to address Kathy's meme from December. Last week, I could have posted that very few of my non-cyberfriends knew about this blog. I had revealed it to some, but most of the people who stopped by found me by way of one or another knitalong or other posting. However, late last week I did something that I may or may not regret. I added the URL for this blog to the annual New Year's letter. Now friends from elementary school and far-flung relatives have the address and may or may not come to visit.

Therefore, if you are visiting after reading the holiday letter, welcome! I ramble about many things and share a few photos of Young Man and lots of photos of knitting. I do maintain a few ground rules, so your cooperation, should you leave any comments, would be appreciated.
  1. I try not to use any real names here. Cyberspace isn't nearly as anonymous as we would like and no one really needs to know Young Man's real name.
  2. This blog is my main gallery for showing off various knitted items that I have created. That means that those of you who may be recipients of my craft may see things destined for you. I apologize for ruining any surprises and/or causing you pain because of the wait to receive your goodies.
  3. The opinions expressed here are mine and should not be held against any other resident of Chez Engineer or other chapters of Engineers Anonymous.

Knit on!

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Jane said...

I'm a bit behind on my blog reading, but I do like the new look on your blog. Your chemo caps came out great, too. The No Hair Day one made me laugh (in a good way.)