Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New Year New Look

It seemed time for a change, so I picked up a different template. I'm sure there are a few bugs to work out. Before I jump headlong into 2006 blogging (yes, I know that it is already 10 January), I have a little unfinished business regarding finished business. Yes, it is time for the brag sheet. Here are the fiber objects that I finished in 2005:

  1. 13 knitted scarves ranging from frou-frou to lace
  2. 2 pairs of felted slippers (Fuzzy Feet)
  3. 2 knitted shawls (Clappoti and Kiri)
  4. 2 knitted hats
  5. 1 knitted poncho
  6. 1 knitted child sweater
  7. 2 knitted baby sweaters
  8. 2 felted handbags
  9. 1 felted gift bag
  10. 12 pairs of knitted socks
  11. 1 pair of knitted armwarmers
  12. 1 knitted mobius wrap
  13. 8 itty bitty knitted sock ornaments
  14. 1 crocheted scarf
  15. 1 crocheted wrap
  16. 2 medium-sized quilts
  17. 1 Technicolor Dreamcoat
  18. 4 mob caps
  19. 4 tricorn hats

Not a bad list. 2006 is already shaping up to be a good knitting year. I have major stash acquisition issues thanks to a few sales and weakness of resolve. Is it my fault that the LYS had black Rowan Denim? Stop asking what I was doing on the floor looking in the bottom shelf when it was across the aisle from the yarn I was only going to get today! I respectfully refuse to acknowledge the accusation.

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margene said...

Looks great with the new template. You have quite a list of accomlishment for last year. Here's to a prolific and happy 2006.