Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back To Work

Yes, today was back to work day. Many of the goals of the time off were met, but the annual holiday letter is still just an idea. Ah, well, the games played with Young Man were more than worth the trade off.

The knitting needles are back in action and the first FO of the year is ready and on my feet!

Pattern: Child's First Sock (shell pattern) from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush
Fiber: KnitPicks Essential
Needles: US1 dpns
Review: The pattern is great. It was easy to memorize and fun to knit. This was the pattern that made Disney line standing almost tolerable. My tension was a little off on the second sock and it is a bit smaller than the first. Both are just big enough for my feet. I'm not particularly fond of the yarn. It is okay and the price can't be beat, but I like Wildfoote and Opal better.


margene said...

That is one of my favorite patterns in the book. It's fun to knit and interesting to watch it grow. They look marvelous....nice work!

Teresa C said...

I love that sock and I love the color. :)