Sunday, July 10, 2005

They Say It's Your Birthday..Well, It's My Birthday, Too!

Yes, indeed, it is another birthday. We spent the day wandering through the county fair. I snapped up a pair of fun earings from one of my favorite vendors, Kim Conrad. Young Man hit a new milestone where he not only did not need a shoulder ride from Dad, he actually carried the family backpack for most of the day! It was wonderful. We scratched goats behind the ears, saw baby pigs, and generally had a nice time. I love the fair.

Birthdays aren't necessarily so great, but I got two fun cards from The Man that made me smile and a great handmade card from Young Man that nearly made me cry. I'm a lucky woman.

It is also my neighbor across the street's birthday. She is beautiful inside and out and one of the few people for whom knitting Matrix is worth it. She loved the Matrix Madness and it looks much better on her than it does on either Young Man or his cucumbers.

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Sheelzebub said...

Happy Birthday!