Thursday, July 14, 2005

Knitting and Chatting and Caffeine

I made it to my first ever knitting group last night. The really funny thing is that my friend JJ went to her first group knitting on the same night! It's really too bad that we were separated by so many miles. The group was delightful. I loved the energy and shared lust for yarn. We tempted each other with our latest projects while Starbucks tempted us with samples of their Green Tea Frappicino. For the record, I was far more impressed with the yarn than the drink. I'll stick with my decaf iced mocha.

Unfortunately, my sock knitting resulted in some friendly needling of one of the two guys. Apparently he has several unfinished pairs. It happens to the best of us! During the evening, I knitted through the second to last interesting part on one petticoat sock. Now there is nothing but rounds of straight knitting until I get to the toe decreases. The good news is that the switch to real US size 2 needles (instead of the mis-marked US 2.5s) is leaving me with a comfortable fit. The bad news is that I really will have to take apart the sock knitted on size 1 needles. It is just too small. Pretty, but too small. It mocks me. I'll show it. I'm going to knit on BO. That will fix it!

No photos of the knitting gang yet. I'm not yet a compulsive blogger and couldn't bring myself to start snapping pics of strangers. Maybe if I make it to Sunday's yarn swap..... Of course, before then, I must make it through the Harry Potter release party (Young Man really really wants to stay up until midnight), preparing for a polymer clay demonstration (whatever possessed me to agree to that?), and the usual weekend stuff that must be done (the laundry is busily reproducing in the basket again).

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Mzungutatu said...

Cool! Your group sounds larger than mine and we didn't discuss yarn much but there was a variety of work going on: an orange sweater sleeve, something that might have been a shrug or a pair of track pants (I was across the room), socks, a shawl, some gauge samples, and a hank of undyed wool or hemp that was being untangled and several people took turns. There was also someone spinning in one corner of the shop but I was hemmed into my seat so I didn't see it.

We are not going to the Harry Potter party and because of swim team timing we may not even pick up our books tomorrow.