Sunday, July 03, 2005

Home Again!

It has been a long time since blogging, but it has been a welcome break for me. I have been well and truly on vacation for two glorious weeks! Minnesota was the destination and relaxation was the goal. We spent a week visiting family and it was one of the better visits in recent years. As always, there is not enough time for everything, but we did a more even split between the two families than on the previous trip.

The second week of the trip was spent at the fourth annual Engineers Anonymous Lake Meeting. A total of four EA families attended the gathering. No resolutions were made other than the traditional reminder that it is always beer o'clock. Young Man had a fabulous time turning into a fish and testing his skills at catching fish. He spent hours where the only evidence of him was the orange tip on his snorkel and he caught at least 80 fish off the docks.

I completely forgot about work and will have a dreadful time remembering my passwords when I get back to the office on Wednesday. One of the two trips to Amazing Threads was documented in my last post. I had to return to pick up more Silky Wool and Opal Brazil because, well, it was a moral imperative. There was even time for knitting. I am now five repeats into Branching Out and am 3/4 completed with my new socks using the Feather and Fan pattern and Mountain Colors. Crazy Woman seemed to be an appropriate colorway for a vacation project!

My Opal Petticoat socks were a challenge. I finished one sock, but it is a bit small. I did a test swatch with the needles that were marked as being US2s. Note to self, check the size with the needle sizer before believing hand-written size on the package. No, 3mm are not US2. The second sock seemed too large so I searched for needles and found a real set of US2s. A new swatch will undoubtedly confirm that the entire endeavor must be restarted. The socks are currently reconsidering the error of their ways and realizing that I have many other skeins of Opal and Koigu and that they really should be better behaved if they are going to ever see my feet.

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