Sunday, April 03, 2005

Sometimes Things Are Better Than They Seem

I was all set to post about what a rotten week this was. This was Spring Break week and I had tons of parent guilt because we didn't do anything except work and send Darling Son (DS) to daycare at his school. The guilt intensified Tuesday night when DS slipped in the bathroom, split his chin, had his first trip to the emergency room, and received his first stitches (eight, to be precise). Work was stressful and the entire week was topped off by my catching a cold and spending the entire weekend recuperating.

So, why am I not actually complaining? First, I watched DS at daycare. He had a great time with hours upon hours of unstructured play time with his favorite playmates. His best friend even paid a surprise visit one afternoon. Second, after the initial shock and pain of the injury, DS learned that not only would no one tease him about getting stitches (he was initially worried about looking like a zombie), most kids were pretty much awed about the "trophy" and many adults had their own stories about how they split open their chins. Third, spending the weekend at home gave DS even more time to play the way he wanted to and he spent hours creating Lego cars and having pirate battles. Fourth, DS and DH spent hours on projects around the house and garden and DS had a wonderful time digging up the garden. Finally, hours of feeling too cruddy to move gave me with hours of knitting time.

A few months ago, my favorite socks in the world finally gave up and developed holes in the heels. A few weeks ago, I found some wonderful yarn that was nearly the same color as the sorely missed socks. This weekend, I took this yarn and made two matching socks that actually fit my feet. The yarn is Sirdar Denim Tweed DK and I managed to get both socks from one ball. This means that I can use the second ball for another pair! These are snuggly and wonderful. I am definitely a convert to hand-knit socks.

So, maybe the week wasn't so bad after all. It's all in how you look at it.

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