Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Errand Adventures

Have you heard the one about the knitter who ran errands? Sit down, this one is good. This weekend was one of those weekends. You know the ones. We had a long list of places to go and then Darling Son came home with a pile of unexpected homework. If he doesn't do it at school, it doesn't go away. Such a good lesson. To get through it all, we scrapped plans to go to the local arboretum's show as well as the idea to check out a garden room showroom. Darling Son didn't seem to mind these changes (we didn't tell him about the turtles that were at the arboretum). Several hours of intensive labor later, all the homework was finished. Sunday afternoon I realized that I had just enough time to hit the local yarn shop. I had a skein of Donegal Tweed that I had picked up convinced that it was the same color as previously purchased skeins. Foolish of me to trust my memory, I know. It wasn't even remotely the same color so I was determined to return it. I announced my plans to the family and started for the door. On my way out, I was reminded of a prescription that needed to be filled. No problem!

Ten minutes later I was pulling off the freeway and into the yarn shop. The results make a very nice basket (far better than the sweets that were in it originally). I found more skeins of the wild sock yarn to make a pair for my neighbor (it was even in the same dye lot as the 1/2 skein I had left from my socks). I found some black to try out a dress sock pattern for the husband and more Denim DK for socks for another neighbor. I started wandering around and found some luscious Rowan Calmer to make chemo hats per a wonderful Knitty special issue. You might also see some Silky Wool peeking out. I was going to hold out for a green or verdigris, but this blue was too wonderful. Eventually this will become Branching Out from the current Knitty issue. I also picked up some #2 DPNs. All was good.

Back on the freeway and off to the pharmacy. They filled the scrip in minutes and I was off again to look for a place for my tempest. Target was out of teapots so I headed home. All errands were completed and I was home in less than 1.5 hours. Fantastic!

So, can you guess the punchline? C'mon, it's right there, you have to see it!

Yes, the skein of Donegal Tweed never left home. That's right, I have to go back to the yarn store!


FemiKnitMafia said...

The silky wool is a beautiful color. I'm currently knitting the Branching Out, which is going fairly well. Have you seen the Branching Out Knit-Along?
Do you have an RSS feed? I can't subscribe to your blog on BlogLines, and I was under the impression that all blogger-blogs had feeds.

Engineer Anonymous said...

Thanks, I love just touching the yarn. Weird, but true. I have been lurking on the Branching Out Knit-Along. I may join after I finish a few projects on the needles now.

I just updated my template to add an RSS feed. I managed to miss that when I set things up the first time. Thanks for the tip!