Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Greens and Blues

I'm not sure when green became my in color, but the last several projects have all either been green or have contained significant amounts of green. I have now cast on my third pair of green socks in a row! First it was Amble and then it was the Last Scream of Summer (which is slightly more blue than the picture suggests). Now it is a pair of forest green Chutes and Ladders socks for Young Man. Who can resist a child who asks for green hand-knitted socks?

I did finally cast on something that isn't green. I've started rectangles for a Warm Up America Afghan. I had been meaning to work on this before winter and Katrina just pushed me to dig out the Homespun (yes, Homespun) from my stash. It sure didn't take me long to become a yarn snob! This stuff isn't nearly as much fun as all the wool in my stash, but it meets the criteria for washability.

More blues are about to wing their way to Rebecca. She was the winner of the knitting bag, needle roll, and stitch markers that I tagged for Give a Little. Thank you for your donation, Rebecca, and I hope you enjoy the items.

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