Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Where Did the Year Go?

It's May. May! Did you hear that? Yes, it was the whooshing sound of time flying by. The biggest hit for me is that this is Teacher Appreciation Week and I am NOT READY. I have several things in the works, but nothing completed for the wonderful teachers at my son's school. At the minimum, I must go get a gift certificate for the teacher who has managed to keep most of her sanity with a class full of energetic children. I did finish a funky scarf from trendy yarn, but it really isn't my son's teacher's style. I think it will be a hit with his teacher for next year. Ack!

Of course, all I really want to do is go start a new project. To torture myself, I just picked up a copy of Great Knits for Kids by Debbie Bliss. I understand from the reviews that I may need to watch my gauge and measurements more carefully than usual, but the designs are great. Who am I kidding, I'll need to start paying attention to gauge. I am notorious for going forward where wise knitters fear to tread. I'm just a sucker for a challenge. What usually bugs me about kid patterns is that they are all for toddlers. I don't want to knit for toddlers because they are too sticky. I know that I will need to contend with grass stains and rapid growth when I knit for my son, but I'll cope (remind me of this when I weep later).

Excuse me while I go back to my socks.....

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JJ said...

Monday I sent in slices of leftover wedding cake. Tuesday I sent in classical music cds. Wednesday was a different flavour of wedding cake. Today I made photo cards and the kids wrote thank you notes. Tomorrow I'm blank.