Saturday, May 21, 2005

Weakness, Joy, and (Yes) Yarn

We have already established that I am completely obsessive. We can also now clearly establish that I am weak. What is it about yarn shops that makes it impossible for me to leave without buying something? I mean, the yarn isn't going to feel bad if I don't take some of it home! Or is it???

In any case, I wandered off on Friday and visited not one, but two local yarn shops. One already has received a sizeable amount of my yarn budget this year. This particular shop is quite large and has an amazing inventory. The downside is that it can be a little challenging to figure out the organization strategy. Some knitters have claimed that the shop is disorganized, but I have found that not to be entirely true. It is actually quite organized, it it just that the scheme used isn't immediately obvious. My previous trips there have always been to purchase something specific. This time I went "just to look." Um, yes, well, we all know how well that goes. To my credit, I restrained myself quite well. Only one skein of yarn made it into the car with me. I picked up a beautiful skein of Supersock in Blueberry Hill. It's going to make lovely socks. I also have a better understanding of what is where in the store. This will be ever so useful should I ever need to make a quick trip to the store. Of course, I could call ahead so that what I want is waiting at the counter, but that would remove any of the thrill of the chase.

I wasn't quite so restrained at the second shop. Ursula's Yarn Boutique is very small and it is virtually impossible to find anything without asking. One of the claims to fame of this place is that it has Opal sock yarn! I've been hearing so many wonderful things about this yarn that I had to try it. Being me, I couldn't just pick up one skein. No, three gorgeous skeins are now carefully stashed away in my yarn bins. Some day in the future, I will have socks in Rodeo 1155 (which is lighter than the picture), Lollipop 1015, and their brand new Petticoat. The owner had some gorgeous samples that she had knitted. She has a scarf in Lollipop 1009 (two skeins to get a nice length) and a Wonderful Wallaby that she did with two strands of Opal (I don't remember which colorway). Great stuff. So much yarn, so little time.....

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