Monday, March 28, 2005

Things That Bug Me (Items 27-28)

27. What is it with instructions that skimp on yarn quantities? I am nearly finished with my second sweater. I have been very careful not to waste yarn, yet I am left with just barely enough to sew up the seams. This pattern calls for the same amount of yarn for an adult S as for a child's 10-12. Trust me, there is no possible way that the adult size will work with only three skeins!

28. What is so hard about making the label markings clear so that a knitter can get skeins in the same dye lot??? I was just ready to sew on the sleeves on what would have been my second sweater when I discovered that the sleeves and the body were definitely made from different dye lots of yarn. The labels were very confusing. The numbers for dye lots seemed to be the same, but the printing was somewhat different. Luckily, I have extra yarn so that I can make two sweaters. Unhappily, I currently have two half-sweaters.

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