Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Guilty Pleasures

I try not to be a yarn snob. I try not to be a snob at all. Still, there are some things that are guilty pleasures. One of those is the yarn that I'm using for my latest project. I picked up some Noro Big Kureyon at my local yarn shop. This stuff is the very essence of Femiknit Mafia's essay on how knitting is becoming such a classist hobby. I am absolutely appalled at the money I spent on this yarn (US$19 per hank and I bought two). Still, it will be gorgeous when finished. It was a splurge and I know that there are a lot of knitters out there who can't afford splurges like that.

Generally, I use much less expensive yarns. My last three projects were all done in various Lion Brand yarns purchased on sale. I actually enjoy working with WoolEase and simple keyhole scarves with Fun Fur are quick $4 gifts.

In a way, the Big Kureyon is exacting a toll. This stuff requires me to let go of any illusion of control. I can control my stitches, but I absolutely cannot control how the project will turn out. This yarn is variegated in the extreme. The base colors are blue and green, but there are bits of red, yellow, and even pink. The weight varies from skinny to fat and I'm frankly worried about the end result. This engineer mindset that I have leads me to prefer control and exact, geometric patterns. Knitting is, of its nature, less exact than some of my other hobbies. This yarn is requiring me to embrace the beauty of randomness. We shall see how well that goes!

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FemiKnitMafia said...

Thanks for the nod o' approval, and for the blogroll spot. I agree, all the Noro yarns are so yummy. Good luck with it!