Monday, December 07, 2009

Taking a Prompt from Marguerite

These writing prompts are available from Simple Woman's Daybook. I got the inspiration from Marguerite.

Outside my window ... it is raining (finally). It rained enough today to cause lacrosse practice to be canceled. All the moms rejoiced because it meant less mud being tracked home.

I am thinking ... of what creative challenge I want to undertake in 2010. The 12 sweater challenge has been fun. I won't finish 12 this year, but I have no regrets. I added to my wardrobe and improved my technique. I figure that the two months in which I did nearly no knitting because of a tendinitis flare-up mean that I have until the end of February to finish my dozen. Next year could be socks because I have been adding to my sock yarn stash while working down my sweater yarn stash. Alternatively, I could work on gift knitting because I have many ideas of things that would be perfect for the people I know.

I am thankful for ... how quickly Young Man recovered from his hit on the field.

From the Kitchen ... we had leftover chili and cornbread that seemed perfect for a cold, rainy night. I used a new chili powder blend and it had way too much cayenne pepper. It might have been fine if I hadn't added my usual dollop of straight cayenne on top of the blend. Mr. Engineer and I liked it, but it was almost too much for Young Man. He ate extra cornbread and was happy.

I am wearing ... jeans and a sweatshirt from the Booster Club for Young Man's lacrosse team and a pair of black socks that I swiped from Young Man. What Not To Wear can't touch this.

I am creating ... socks for my dear next door neighbor and sweater number nine for me.

I am going ... to get all of my annual examinations (doctor, dentist, optometrist) finished before the end of the year (I made appointments today).

I am reading ... Fooled by Randomness by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. This is one in my latest series of books that take conventional wisdom and turn it upside-down for an examination from a different point of view.

I am hoping ... that our resolve to have a simpler holiday this year still results in enough fun for everyone.

I am hearing ... Young Man talk to himself while he procrastinates his way through his homework.

Around the house ... Young Man and I put up the tree yesterday and decorated. Not all of the decorations are up, but the house seems much more festive with a lit tree and hanging the ornaments was a wonderful trip through the years.

One of my favorite things ... Most days I would say yarn, but today it is the beautiful ornaments that my wonderful sister has made for us over the years. It is getting harder and harder to choose which one to feature each year. Our tree must be a decorator's nightmare, but we love it!

Here is picture thought I am sharing ...

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