Thursday, December 03, 2009

And Now For Something Completely Different

Project: Wavy Feathers Wimple by Caryll McConnell
Yarn: Louet Mooi Laceweight
Needles: US 4
Notes: Okay, maybe not completely different. It is knitting and it is lace. Neither of those is new to me. However, this is a wimple. What is that? It is also know as a cowl. This nifty piece of knitting slips over the head and does double duty as either a scarf or hood. I know, it would look better on, but it is soo difficult to take pictures of oneself and it gets dark so terribly early that I have to remember to do the photo shoot on the weekend. The other new to me item is the yarn. This is a fabulous blend of bison and cashmere. Yes, bison! It was too good to pass up so I had to get a couple of skeins as a birthday splurge.

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Jen P said...

That is gorgeous. Really and truly. I want to see it on!