Saturday, May 20, 2006

Have You Seen My Mojo?

I'm not on vacation, but I have visions of my knitting mojo lounging on a beach, sipping mojitos, and laughing at my recent knitting attempts. You don't believe me? I have evidence.

Exhibit 1 was the Fluted Banister Socks. I like the yarn; it is soft and fun. I like the pattern; it is quick to memorize and pleasant to knit. The two together? Not so much. Busy yarn + busy pattern = too much and it all gets mashed together. The sock has been completely frogged and is now becoming a nice, plain ribbed sock.

Exhibit B was entirely the fault of The Sheared Sheep. They had a delightful sale during the first weekend of May and they had Lorna's Laces! I picked up some Gold Trail and then saw the pattern for Yukon Leaves. The two seemed like a perfect match. Well, when knit, I see less of a Yukon Trail and more of Follow the Yellow Brick Road. The swirling pools just aren't doing it for me. I see more frogging in my future.

Exhibit the third was a reaction to the two previous sock disasters. After doing serious credit card damage during The Sheared Sheep Sale Saturday (try saying that three times fast), I dove back into my stash and started the April/May Vintage Socks pattern, Fancy Silk Sock. I used Regia Cotton in black and it just isn't working. The yarn seems much rougher than the Regia Cotton I used for the Sixth Sense pattern. Besides, they are just too big! As you can see, these are ready for the frog pond.

Finally, I return to Aran Rose Peach. I started the front this week. Five rows into the ribbing I realized that I had made a dramatic error on the sleeve that I had recently finished and the entire sleeve will need to be redone. My pointy sticks just don't have the magic this week.


Jane said...

Sometimes it just turns out that nothing is working. Next week will be better, I'm sure.

Rebecca said...

I've been there before, too. Sometimes I think it just our frame of mind at the time! I shipped the Fancy Silk Sock because I'm a little tired of lace.

Eyja said...

Yep, sounds familiar. I've had extensive frogging weeks, too. Ribbid.