Tuesday, August 02, 2005

No Time, I Got Got Got No Time

Well, no time to blog, anyway. I had the delightful feeling of finally finishing the Petticoat socks! These were showing all signs of being destined for the back of the yarn bin. First, I ignored Ursula's hint to use US2 needles. Then the US2s I bought were really US 2.5s. Finally, I admitted that the sock knit on US1 needed to be completely unraveled. The final socks are pretty, but not identical. After all the ripping and reknitting, I ended up a round or two off and one sock has a blue toe while its twin didn't quite get to the blue at the end. At this point, I will take what I have and count it a good job finished!

Tivoli is also finished and looks somewhat less rolly with a quick steam pressing. It needs more blocking before I pronounce it good. Okay, so losing 20 pounds would also help.

Next up is the return to Branching Out.

All this and work has intruded with requests for more of my time. It's always something.

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