Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Technicolor Dreaming

Knitting has taken a backseat over the past week or so. I have been making progress on the Matrix Madness. I knitted my way all the way through one ball and am about a third of the way through the second ball. Fortunately, it has been getting easier. Unfortunately, I think I will need a third ball. For fun I started my first Opal socks in Petticoat. They are delicious! I'm not usually a pastel person, but these are lovely (if I do say so myself).

However, most of my time of late has been spent at the sewing machine. Today was the big end of year program at my son's school and they performed Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The kids were fantastic. It was so nice to see a program that highlighted the talents of the children and their commitment to hard work yet didn't involve endless poetry recitations. This was wonderful. My very small part in the event was to volunteer to make the dreamcoat. I took on this task just before the Memorial Day holiday weekend. A trip to a local discount fabric store scored me several yards of wonderful fabric woven with multicolor metallic threads. A date with my colored pencils gave me a concept to follow. Several hours of modifying a wizard coat pattern netted me a usable dreamcoat pattern. Finally, a few days and nights with my Pfaff and trusty needles resulted in a really special coat. It was a lot of work for only a few minutes of stage time, but I think it was worth it. The music teacher was stunned. She hadn't dared ask for specifics with the short timeframe, so she was holding her breath. The other teachers surprised her with it at a dress rehearsal. She was pleasantly shocked and gushed that it was exactly what she had imagined, but for which she had not dared to hope.

The pictures capture some of the sparkle. It really did come off well and was bright enough to fit the role.

Now, school is over for the summer, Young Man is deservedly calling himself a third grader, and we can all relax until the Thanksgiving program.

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JJ said...

Excellent! Great idea to use a wizard pattern.