Friday, February 04, 2005

Deja Vu All Over Again

So, Condoleeza Rice is off on her first trip as Secretary of State. First stop, Britain. I had a horrible sense of foreboding when I heard her comments this morning on NPR. Per Condi, an attack on Iran over its nuclear program is "not on the agenda at this point" (emphasis added). Am I the only one having horrible deja vu over this????? I just fear that our ignoble Commander in Chief is sending out his head flunky to set the stage for future action against the next target. So now they have proposed two reasons to invade Iran, first they have a nuclear program (WMDs, anyone?) and they have "unelected mullahs." She also made comments that the administration expects reforms in all countries of the region. Oh, that will win us scads of public opinion points in the Middle East!

It's bad enough that our head elected official is a bozo, but I really resent the continued comments that make the rest of the world believe that everyone in the USA is out to reform the world.


laura said...

no kidding!

I caught one sound bite of GWB's SOTU address (I couldn't bear to listen to him). It was the one about contained the following...Iran, terrorism, and nuclear threat. I yelled at the tv, he didn't just say that did he?!


Theo said...

How can to you be sure of your policy in your country ?
I don't know exactly what your president want to do on the international scene ? We don't hear in Europe to much about Iran. Maybe the union european will have a role to play in that crisis... And we should not forget also North Korea