Saturday, January 08, 2005

Conscience to Spare

Friday afternoon, I was minding my own business, enjoying a quiet moment in my newly organized craft space. I picked up a project that I had wanted to start for a week or more and went to work. As the rhythm of the crochet hook set it, my mind started to wander. The next thing I knew, my over-active conscience was telling me that I should be working on some the other projects waiting for me instead of working on something that could be done while watching TV. Wait a minute! Now my conscience isn't even letting me relax without pinging me with things I should be doing!?

After a bit of thought, I decided that my overly-conscientious conscience should really be put to work helping out those who obviously don't have problems with too much conscience.

First off, there really must have been something better on which Tom Delay could have spent his time than using the pulpit of the 109th Congressional Prayer Service to draw analogies between the Asian tsunami and the great flood of Noah's Ark fame (right click here to save the MP3 file and hear for yourself).

Next up would be the entire Republican-controlled House who voted to strip the Ethics Committee of any bite. Now it is entirely possible for congresspeople under suspicion to delay any action until the Ethics Committee is forced to drop the matter entirely. Please, there must be something better they could have done with this session time!

Finally, I must mention Fred Phelps. Generally, I can't think of anything worse that he could do than spew his hatred-filled bile. He reached another low (just when we thought it wasn't possible) by opining that the Asian tsunami was sent by God to destroy gay Swedes. Here, Fred, have a big dose of conscience. You need it.

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