Sunday, May 03, 2009

Lacrosse Under the Lights

Who knew? By reading my camera's manual for a few minutes and fiddling with a few settings, I was able to get halfway decent pictures under the lights last night! They certainly aren't as nice as the daytime pictures, but they will do. I just have to remember to be patient because I can't take rapid-fire shots like I can in daylight. Young Man was very much on his game last night. He got new cleats Saturday and we added some gel heel inserts. I'm told that the shoes are now "bouncy." That's high praise for kid cleats.

Playing with the camera meant that I wasn't paying quite as much attention to the game as normal and several goals slipped in without my noticing. Happily, they were all from Young Man's team. We managed to lose track of the score, but the scorekeeper let us know that it ended 8-3 . Young Man had many really good plays where he took the ball away from the opposing team's attack players again and again. They left very disappointed. Today he has a call-back for the summer traveling team. Wish him luck!

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