Monday, February 27, 2006

Picking Myself Up

I've dusted myself off and I'm back in the fight. This looks to be a better week (so far). Lacrosse season is over so I no longer have to deal with rushing to practice and we have our weekends back. As much as Young Man really, really enjoyed the season, we were all ready for the end. We went to the end of season tournament on Sunday and Young Man played his heart out for two games. He has become quite the able defense player. Given that he is so much smaller than most of the kids on any of the teams, it is almost comical to see him face off against the opposing team. I'm sure the opposing team players think he is amusing. At least, they think that until the first time they try to get to the goal. Young Man is very good at putting on the pressure and keeping players away from the crease. It was a joy to watch. There was also time for knitting between games while we lounged in the sun. The parents lounged. The kids ran around and played and then still had energy for the second game. Amazing.

Good news arrived today as I learned that the Surprise is no longer a secret! The USPS gets kudos for delivery today. The Adamas shawl in custom-dyed laceweight is in its rightful home.

It really was a fun project. As always, I had my doubts. I think all lace knitters know the problem. Lace knitting looks dreadful while it is in progress. The only thing that looks worse than a lace project on the needles is a lace project pulled from a pre-blocking soak. It isn't until the pins are applied that the entire project comes together and the doubts ease. This is a good, easy project. It is of the same family as Kiri. I do have to say that the Kiri directions are better. I was very glad that I had knit Kiri first. So, here I am in my glory with Adamas and apple blossoms.

Project: Adamas Shawl from Knitpicks
Yarn: Custom-dyed Paint-Your-Own also from Knitpicks
Notes: This project is very similar to Kiri in size and construction. The difference is just the motif as this is a diamond and Kiri is a leaf.


FemiKnitMafia said...

Dear Dog, it's Gorgeous!! Congrats!

Jane said...


Kristy said...

I saw your comment on Mason-Dixon Knitting. We really need to get those knitters out here to the west coast!!! :)

Katie said...

OMG! Great job--beautiful dyeing too.

Emily said...

Very pretty! I love the color!

margene said...

Adamas is beautiful! Love the yarn and color.